Jan 022013
Nightmare Pig

Geico smart phone app, I will eat your soul.

Broadcast: 1 January 2013
Program: The 2013 Outback Bowl
Channel: ESPN
Conglomerates: Disney

Advertiser: Geico
Owned By: Berkshire Hathaway
Pitch: We wrote an app, so buy our insurance.

Geico has been perhaps the most aggressive and splatter-shot advertiser operating on American television the past few years.  From the “caveman” campaign, which was spun off into an unsuccessful sitcom, to the friendly English sounding gecko, they seem to introduce a new mascot of some kind every year.  Recently, they’ve added a creepy looking talking pig to their menagerie.  Taken as a stand alone character, he is the stuff of nightmares:

Demon Pig

This time you’ve gone too far, Dr. Moreau! 

But nevermind the weird mouth movements, odd hair, and strangely animate ears and nose, the premise here is that this pig is being asked to turn off his cell phone before takeoff.  (The pig is flying, get it?  Get it?!)  Instead of doing that, he shows off all the wonderful things he can do with his Geico app, blah blah blah.  As he’s talking, a little piece of fine print appears in the lower right hand corner:

What Do You Mean the Pig Isn't Real

Ugh, he looks like some kind of old man fetus.

In case you can’t see the image, it says “Screens simulated”.  It’s hard to think of anything that could more perfectly exemplify the absurdity of modern advertising.  It’s an ad about a talking pig on an airliner who buys car insurance, but they have to tell us that the screen images are fake.  The mind reels.

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